HooToo TripMate FAQ

General Setting

How to change the admin username and password?


How to change TripMate SSID name and password?


How to disable DHCP?


How to reset TripMate?

  1. Press the reset button besides USB port by using a needle-like object
  2. Hold for 10 seconds until the Wi-Fi LED indicator starts to blinking
  3. Release the needle and wait for the TripMate to reboot
    Note: Please make sure you TripMate has at least 50% power left (2 blue led power light on) before resetting it


How to set up Router Mode?

Definition of Router Mode: Tripmate is connected to a DSL or cable modem and works as a regular router

Application: Internet access from a DSL or cable modem is one option for users, but more users need to share the Internet

How to set up Router Mode?

What you need

How do I know if my DSL or Cable uses Dynamic IP, Static IP or PPPoE to connect to the Internet?


How to upgrade TripMate firmware?

  1. Attach a USB storage device with TripMate (Tripmate's built in RAM is limited, so it need external storage as extra RAM)
    Note: It is better to put the firmware file in your cell phone or laptop which has access to rather than in USB storage device attached to TripMate.
  2. Make sure your TripMate is powered on. Join in Tripmate's local Wi-Fi network and log in web end
  3. Go to settings -> system -> firmware -> upgrade -> select firmware file from your cellphone or laptop -> save -> wait for finish and reboot.


How to see all available Wi-Fi networks?

  1. Download ""HooToo TripMate"" app from Google marketplace or Apple APP store to your phone or other wireless devices
  2. Connect your phone to the TripMate
  3. Open app, tap ""my TripMate"" -> setting -> Wi-Fi connection. Now you can view all the Wi-Fi network available, corresponding signal strength, and whether the access point IS open or not


Where to see the firmware version?


How to connect to a hidden SSID?

  1. Turn the hidden SSID to “Visible”
  2. Connect your TripMate with it for once
  3. Hide the SSID again
  4. The TripMate is able to remember the hidden SSID setting even after rebooting. Thus you will be able to make them connected even when the SSID is hidden.


Why there is no DLNA option in the page?


Why the max size of transferring a file is 2 GB?


More information

Where can I find the latest firmware and user manual?


Hardware questions

Why network speed decreases in bridge mode?


Can any TripMate router access 2 USB storage devices simultaneously


Will USB storage device draw power from the TripMate?


Can I keep the TripMate charging constantly?


Does the TripMate support MAC formatted disk?


What is the rated power of TripMate elite's AC power plug input?


Can I convert the wireless network to an Ethernet connection via TripMate? (WAN / LAN port)


Can the TripMate be used as FTP for printer or IP camera?


Can the TripMate bridge iPhone Wi-Fi hotspot?


How many devices can connect to the TripMate simultaneously?


Why TripMate does not support 3.5" hard drive?



How to access the hotel Wi-Fi (which has a login or authentication page)?

  1. Get the Wi-Fi user name and password of your room from hotel
  2. Connect your phone with TripMate, login its web end
  3. Go to setting -> internet -> wireless access -> scan -> select your hotel's Wi-Fi name (SSID), leave the password empty, save.
  4. Open another page on your phone browser and you will see the hotel restrict page popping up. Now login with the username & password you asked from hotel.
  5. Since your Tripmate's MAC address has been registered in hotel Wi-Fi system, other devices of you could access the network bridged by TripMate."


How to access the USB storage via app?

  1. Please download the TripMate app from Apple App store or Google play (TripMate app for windows phone is coming soon)
  2. Connect your Smartphone to TripMate, plug a USB storage device into TripMate and open the TripMate App. You will see there are 2 tabs at the bottom, the left one is your USB device storage, right one is your Smartphone storage


How to connect to HooToo from ES File Explorer

(take Tripmate Nano as an example)

  1. Connect to the ""TripMate Nano-XXXX"" network.
  2. Open the ""Network"" tab, and then the ""LAN"" sub-tab.
  3. Tap on ""Scan"" with the search icon. """" should be shown in the available LAN networks, if not, please tap ""New""
  4. Tap and hold """" , and then tap ""Edit Serer""
  5. Enter the following details
    Domain: (Leave empty)
    Username: admin (or whatever you chose as the username)
    Password: (blank or whatever you chose as the password)
    Display as: (Or whatever name you want to choose)
    (please delete ""IP$"" or similar characters)"


How to use DLNA


How can I stream movies on iPhone/iPad?