HT-TM02 TripMate Nano Wireless N Pocket Travel Router

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  • ENDLESS MEDIA STREAMING: Seamlessly stream your videos, photos, and music to your connected TVs, media players, smartphones, tablets, TV sticks and other DLNA devices.(UPC: 635414209062)

  • TRAVEL ROUTER: Instantly convert a wired network to wireless with easy setup. Also can bridge an existing wireless network, create your own secure Wi-Fi network.

  • FREE UP SPACE: Backup your photos and videos from your iPhone, Android phones, iPad or other mobile devices to attached USB flash drive, hard disk. Free up space on your phones.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND SMALL: Powered by USB for extreme portability, which is only weighted 1oz.

  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: HooToo TripMate Nano (HT-TM02) , USB cable, User Manual, 1 year HooToo warranty.

hotspot wifi wireless travel
TripMate TripMate Nano TripMate Titan TripMate Elite U
Battery capacity 6000 mAh 10400 mAh 6000 mAh
Size 1.73*3.78*1.11 inches 2.02*2.21*0.70 inches 1.65*1.65*3.74 inches 3.2 * 3.2 * 1.1 inches
Weight 4.8 oz 1.0 oz 8.8 oz 7.2 oz
Support USB storage HDD (4TB max, NTFS, FAT 16/32) HDD (4TB max, NTFS, FAT 16/32) HDD (4TB max, NTFS, FAT 16/32) HDD (4TB max, NTFS, FAT 16/32)
Other features External battery pack Powered by USB; light and portable Support a USB hub with up to 4 USB storage devices Support a USB hub with up to 4 USB storage devices; Dual USB charger

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    Technical Details

    Model HT-TM02
    Model HT-TM02
    Input 5V/1.0A
    Weight 1.0 oz
    Size 56mm (L) x 51mm (W) x 17mm (H)
    Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz
    USB host interface USB 2.0:Support USB flash/HDD

    Manuals, Drivers, App, Software


    1.connect your wireless device to the tripmate
    3.tap on User-> here you can change the pw

    - turn on your tripmate, find the tripmate's SSID (TripMateNano-XXXX) in the wifi list of you device, access in with default password “11111111”.
    - open browser, enter
    - go to Settings -> Network Settings -> Wi-Fi &LAN -> enter your new password -> Save.
    - back to you device’s wifi settings, reconnect tripmate’s SSID with new password.

    1. Get the user name and password of the wifi network

    2. Connect your phone to TripMate wirelessly, log in its web end

    3. Network-> Internet -> wireless access -> scan -> select your hotel's wifi name (SSID), leave the password empty-> save.

    4. Open another page on your phone browser, the restrict page pops up, login with the username & password

    (if the restrict page doesn’t pop up, please update your firmware. Please download the custom firmware from our hootoo website:


    After updating the firmware, please login> service-> Auto-jump Service-> Turn off-> save)


    5. Then your other devices could access the network bridged by TripMate.

    (clear your browser cache if it failed to connect at the first time)

    This is because it uses the same radio/frequency (2.4GHz) to accept incoming and outgoing packets from clients as it does to forward those packets on to the next wifi router and accept replies. So effectively you get half the bandwidth, as each packet must go over the air twice - from the client to the tripmate, then from the tripmate to the wifi router. This should be the industry standard with almost all router with bridge mode. For those who constantly use media streaming or real-time network gaming, we instead recommend AP-Bridge mode to expand the wireless network with less impact to peak performance.

    1. Connect to the "TripMateNano-XXXX" network.
    2. Open the "Network" tab, and then on the "Lan" sub-tab.
    3. Tap on "Scan" with the search icon.
    4. You should see "" in the available LAN networks, if not tap "New"
    5. Hold tap on "" and then tap "Edit Serer"
    6. Enter the following details
    Domain: (Leave empty)
    Username: admin (or whatever you chose as the username)
    Password: (blank or whatever you chose as the password)
    Display as: (Or whatever name you want to choose)
    (please delete "IP$" or similar characters)

    - make sure your tripmate turned on, join in tripmate's local wifi network, log in web end.
    - attach a USB storage device with tripmate (tripmate's built in RAM is limited, so it need external storage as extra RAM), 
      important: put the firmware file in your cellphone or laptop which access in, rather than put firmware in USB storage device attached to tripmate.
    - go to settings -> system -> firmware -> upgrade -> select firmware from your cellphone or laptop -> save -> wait for finish and reboot.