HT-TM04 TripMate Elite Versatile Wireless N Travel Router

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  • ENDLESS STREAMING: Seamlessly stream your videos, photos, and music to your connected TVs, media players, Chromecast, Roku, and other DLNA devices. (TripMate app is neccessary)

  • TRAVEL ROUTER: Instantly convert a wired network to wireless. Also can bridge an existing wireless network, create your own secure wifi network.

  • FREE UP SPACE: Backup your photos and videos from your iPhone, Android phones, iPad or other mobile devices to attached USB flash drive, hard disk. Free up space on your phones.

  • POWER BANK: Built-in 6000mAh power bank enables you charge most smartphones 2 times.

  • DUAL USB WALL CHARGER: Two USB ports enable you to charge two of your mobile devices simultaneously. Plugging the TripMate Elite directly to the wall outlet can easily recharge it.

external battery wall charger with wifi router function external battery hard drive wireless router router wireless mini storage medias personal HDD micro sd card hard drive routers wireless router wireless router
TripMate Elite TripMate TripMate Nano TripMate Mini TripMate Titan
Model HT-TM04 HT-TM01 HT-TM02 HT-TM03 HT-TM05
Battery capacity 6000 mAh 6000 mAh - 3000 mAh 10400 mAh
Size 3.23*1.12*3.23 inches 1.73*3.78*1.11 inches 2.02*2.21*0.70 inches 1.93*2.90*0.87 inches 1.65*1.65*3.74 inches
Weight 7.2 oz 4.8 oz 1.0 oz 3.1 oz 8.8 oz
Support USB storage HDD (4TB max, NTFS, FAT 16/32) HDD (4TB max, NTFS, FAT 16/32) HDD (4TB max, NTFS, FAT 16/32) HDD (2TB max, NTFS, FAT 16/32) HDD (4TB max, NTFS, FAT 16/32)
Other features Dual USB charging ports; AC plug External battery pack Powered by USB; light and portable Micro SD card slot Support a USB hub with up to 4 USB storage devices ; Brand new mobile apps

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    Technical Details

    Model HT-TM04
    Input 100-240V/2.1A (AC)
    Input 5V/1A (USB)
    Output 1.0A Port1 + 1.0A/2.1A Port2
    Size 3.15 x 3.15 x 1.02 ( in )
    Weight 7.15oz
    Capacity 6000mAh 18650
    Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz

    Manuals, Drivers, App, Software


    1.connect your wireless device to the tripmate
    3.tap on User-> here you can change the pw

    - turn on your tripmate, find the tripmate's SSID (TripMateElite-XXXX) in the wifi list of you device, access in with default password “11111111”.
    - open browser, enter
    - go to Settings -> Network Settings -> Wi-Fi &LAN -> enter your new password -> Save.
    - back to you device’s wifi settings, reconnect tripmate’s SSID with new password.

    no, only one USB storage files can be detected in the Tripmate app

    yes, as Tripmate is a external battery charger, it will Yes,charge supply power to any USB devices attached to it.

    no, Tripmate support windows format USB storage devices (NTFS / FAT 16 / FAT 32)

    no, the Ethernet port on Tripmate is a WAN port, which can only receive hard wired network signal and convert it into wireless network signal, then rebroadcast it out, however, you cannot use the Tripmate to receive a wireless network then output it via this WAN port.

    no, tripmate cannot be used as A FTP server (storage path) for printer or IP camera.

    1.get the wifi user name and password of your room
    2.connect your phone with TripMate, login its webend
    3.internet -> wireless access -> scan -> select your hotel's wifi name (SSID), leave the password empty, save another page on your phone browser, the hotel restrict page pops up, login with the username & password you got

    (if it directs to the tripmate admin page, please update your firmware. Please download the custom firmware from our hootoo website:



    Here is how to upgrade your tripmate's firmware:

    - make sure your tripmate turned on, join in tripmate local wifi network, log in web end.

    - attach a USB storage device with tripmate (tripmate's built-in RAM is limited, so it need external storage as extra RAM), 

      important: put the firmware file in your cellphone or laptop which access in, rather than put firmware in USB storage device attached to tripmate.

    - system -> firmware -> upgrade -> select firmware from your cellphone or laptop -> save -> wait for finish and reboot.

    After updating the firmware, please login> service-> Auto-jump Service-> Turn off-> save


    5.your TripMate's mac address has been registered by hotel wifi system, then your other devices could access the network bridged by TripMate.
    (clear your browser cache if it failed to connect at the first time)

    Go to -> settings ->network services -> DLNA service, turn on, put files that you want to stream in the path of "DLNA Directory" or you can change the path by click "change directory.