HT-IP009HP HD 720P Outdoor 3x Zoom Dome Camera

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  • HD 720P quality image, 3X optical zooming with H.264 compression for fluent real time video streaming

  • Easy to use, compatible with Windows / Mac / iOS & Android smart phone

  • Waterproof body & night vision let the camera work in any light condition for both indoor and outdoor use

  • Easy for install, smart phone ready with P2P QR code scan setup

  • 7/24 around the globe live video surveillance for home / office / business

HooToo HT-IP009HDP IP camera helps you keep an eye on your home/business/property from anywhere around the globe with this new generation HooToo P2P Wireless IP Camera. Knowing everything is safe by seeing live video footage transmitted over the internet. Even when you are out on the road, check surveillance footage from your smartphone or mobile devices.

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Technical Details

Model HT-IP009HP

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1. Could not get any Wi-Fi SSID from the software?
If you could not search any Wi-Fi signal through the P2 software IPCamClient or MyCam Pro, please try to set up the wireless connection from the web setting page.
For the wireless connection, you are suggested to download SearchIPCam for your Windows PC and then open the camera via the browser.
Then you will be able to search the Wi-Fi SSID from setting page like the attached picture.

If there is still no Wi-Fi SSID searched, please double check whether the Wi-Fi antenna is connected well and the camera should be near the router.
By the way, please make sure the camera's IP address is fixed like the attached picture and the DNS setting could be same as it.

You can reset the camera to factory setting from the web setting page or manually like the below if it still does not work. Thanks.
Please find a pin and press the reset button for about 1 minute until the camera's head rotate and make sure the power adapter is connected well during resetting.

2. Could not access Wi-Fi after filling in the Wi-Fi password and unplug the network cable?
First, please make sure that there is no special character from the Wi-Fi SSID and password.
Then Second, please open your router's webpage and make sure the Mac filter is disabled. And then please try to adjust the Wi-Fi encryption to WEP or WPA2.

By the way, please make sure the Auth Mode is the same with your router's Wi-Fi encryption.