HooToo Wireless Travel Router, 1 USB Port, 6000mAh External Battery Pack Travel Charger - TripMate Black


  • Model


  • Capacity

    6000 mAh

  • Input

    5V / 1.5A

  • Output

    1A for Charging

  • Wi-Fi

    802.11 b/g/n 2.4Ghz

  • Wi-Fi Speed

    up to 150 Mbps

  • WAN Port

    RJ45 100 Mbit/s

  • OS Supported

    Windows, Android, Mac

  • Size

    96mm (L) x 44mm (W) x 28mm (H)

  • Weight

    4.7 oz

  • Certification

    FCC Class B, CE, CEC

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