HT-UH007 4-Port USB 3.0 HUB with 1ft USB3.0 Cable, Bus-powered

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Instant Quadruple Expansion

The HT-UH007 is a driver free, plug-n-play USB 3.0 hub. It instantly adds 4 USB 3.0 Ports to an existing USB 3.0 port on your windows or Mac computer. If your computer has a limited number of USB ports, this USB hub is a great way to expands the number of peripherals connected simultaneously.

Portable Size

With less than 5 oz in weight, this 4 port USB 3.0 hub is the right companion for your business trip and travel. It hides easily inside your bag or suitcase. Only take it out when you need to connect additional USB peripherals, like digital cameras, external hard drives, flash drives, mouse, keyboard and even printers.

The USB 3.0 transfer rate of 5Gbps, with a theoretical transfer speed of 625MB/s, is about 10 times faster than of the mainstream USB 2.0 transfer rate of 480Mb/s, which has a theoretical transfer speed of 60 MB/s. Taking current usage conditions into consideration, the transfer speed can achieve about 3 times that of USB 2.0. The actual transfer speed depends on the specific environment the product is used in.
This problem may be the result of one of the following causes: a. Compatibility between the motherboard and system. Please try refreshing the BIOS in the motherboard. b. System or BIOS settings. The USB may be disabled in your BIOS or operating system. Please turn on the computer, press F2 or DEL to enter the BIOS interface, then select “Enable USB device”. c. Incorrect insertion or unplugging. Do not unplug the device when transferring data in order to avoid damaging the chipset. d. Improper driver installation. In “Device Manager”, go to “Other Devices” and select “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”. If there are any yellow questions or exclamation marks visible, uninstall the driver in “Device Manager”, and then restart your computer. The driver will be reinstalled automatically.
  • Size

    4.1 x 1.5 x 0.9 inches

  • Weight

    4.6 oz

  • Color


  • Port Type

    4 USB 3.0 port

  • Power

    Bus-Powered (USB Cable powered, no additional power adapter)

  • Mac OS

    Mac OS 9.1 or above (Mac Mini Excluded)

  • Windows OS

    Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 (Does NOT support Windows 8.1)

  • Linux

    Linux 3.0 or above