HT-WR01 Wireless N Signal Repeater and Range Extender, (300 Mbps 802.11 b/g/n Access Point / Repeater with WPS Button)

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Expand Your Wi-Fi Network

HooToo HT-WR01 WiFi Repeater is a combination of wired and wireless network device designed specifically for small business, office, and home networking requirements. It allows the wireless network to be expanded using multiple access points without the need for a wired backbone to link them. If you need to extend your existing Wi-Fi range, using the HooToo Wi-Fi repeater is an easy and affordable option.

Our Wi-Fi repeater employs the latest 802.11n technology. It is backwards compatible with 802.11b/g standards. With wireless speeds of up to 300Mbps, it can handle high bandwidth-consuming applications such as HD video streaming, VoIP, and online multiplayer gaming.


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    Technical Details

    Model HT-WR01
    Size 100.0mm x 60.0mm x 50.0mm
    Humidity 10% ~ 90% RH
    Weight 120g
    Frequency 2.4 GHz ~ 2.485 GHz
    Wireless Standards 802.11 b/g/n



    If you are setting up the device and you are asked to provide the 8-digit pin code, please click "Connect the network without setting it up" to avoid the pin code. Please refer to the attached file. This window should appear right before the pin code window.

    Please understand that sometimes a wireless repeater is slower for those connecting to the network using it. This is because it uses the same radio/frequency (2.4GHz) to accept incoming and outgoing packets from clients as it does to forward those packets on to the next wifi router and accept replies. So effectively you get half the bandwidth, as each packet must go over the air twice - from the client to the repeater, then from the repeater to the wifi router. This should be the industry standard with almost all repeaters. However, it will not affect anyone directly connected to the original wifi router (other than from having to share it among more people). So if you are in range of the wifi router and so connect to it rather than the repeater, you will get normal performance. That being said, the HooToo device in Repeater Mode splits its wireless bandwidth to "talk" with both your wireless router and your computer. Therefore its peak throughput (NOT average throughput) will be lower compared with AP-Bridge, AP-Router or Client Mode. For most people who rarely hit peak wireless bandwidth, Repeater Mode may still be the most convenient choice. For those who constantly use media streaming or real-time network gaming, we instead recommend AP-Bridge mode to expand the wireless network with less impact to peak performance.

    Please follow the steps below:
    1.reset your repeater(press the reset button until all the light off and wait them on)
    2.Connect the repeater to your laptop with a network table
    3.Disable the wireless adapter



    4.Open a new browser window, and enter the address below:


    If you can’t access the address, open your Network & Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings (or Manage Network Connections).
    A.Select your Ethernet card and then select properties. The "connection properties" window will appear.


    B. In this window, double-click "Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)." The IP setting dialog will appear.


    Type in the following settings:
    IP address: 192.168.10.X (where ‘x’ is between 2~255)
    Subnet mask:
    Default gateway/Router:
    Note: Do not change DNS settings
    c. Click "OK" and wait a few seconds to allow the new settings to apply.
    d. Access the address: again
    5.choose Setup wizard - wireless repeater mode- next, wait it refresh


    6.Select your router, enter the key and choose “save&reboot”


    7.Enable your wireless adapter and pull the cable


    8.Connect the repeater via wifi, right click it, choose properties


    9.Enter your current router’s password - ok

    First off I would recommend you to reset the device (when it's powered on, hold the reset button until the second indicator is off) and then set it up once again. Please understand that to identify the wall socket where you would like to place the HooToo device is of great importance. For instance, install the repeater halfway between your router and the deadspot. Please Ensure that your desired location has a stable Wi-Fi signal from your original router. Note that >80% signal strength is ideal.

    1. When you connect to the repeater(WiFirepeater-1), login
    2. Choose "Wireless" in the left-side list -> Basic settings
    3. Here you can change your SSID -> Apply Changes



    Can I have two of these connected to the same network? I bought it and it is working, but seems I would need another one to cover other area
    A: You may need two if your area is a wide range and has solid masonry or other type of construction. There may be a dead zone that you need to cover.



    I am on the login page for the repeater. The manual says that the user name and password are both admin. It's giving me an invalid password message
    A: Contact hoo too customer serviced and technical support. They are most helpful. Will solve your problem.



    I'm using a Linksys Wireless Router. So if I'm understanding this correctly I should be able to plug this into a wall outlet approx 40 feet away from the Linksys wifi router and expect that the HT-WR01 will pick up the signal (just like my devices that already connect wirelessly) boost it, and transmit a stronger signa…
    A: The simple answer is yes. The more detailed answer is 1) There might be some reason why the HT-WR01 is not compatible with your specific router. 2) Study the review of Philip Lochner. When first powered up, the HT-WR01 appears as a new access point with a new name that repeats the contents of the original access point.… see more The simple answer is yes. The more detailed answer is 1) There might be some reason why the HT-WR01 is not compatible with your specific router. 2) Study the review of Philip Lochner. When first powered up, the HT-WR01 appears as a new access point with a new name that repeats the contents of the original access point. Philip gives instructions on how to set up the HT-WR01 so that it repeats the contents using the same name as the original access point. see less



    What is the line of sight distance that this product will reliably connect a wifi device to a router? IE. how far away can my laptop be from it?
    A: I would say about 35-40 feet.