HT-IP008HDP Indoor/Outdoor P2P HD Wired / Wireless Network IP Camera

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  • 24/7 around the globe live video surveillance for home / office /business

  • Easy to use, compatible with Windows / Mac, works on smartphone and mobile devices

  • 1280 X 960P HD quality image, 4X optical zooming with H.264 compression for fluent real time video streaming

  • Waterproof body and night vision IR let the camera work in any light condition for both indoor and outdoor use

  • Package Content: HooToo HT-IP008HDP Wireless IP Camera, Power adapter, Installation CD, screws, User manual, HooToo 12 Month Warranty

Keep an eye on your home/business/property from anywhere around the globe with this new generation HooToo P2P Wireless IP Camera. Knowing everything is safe by seeing live video footage transmitted over the internet. Even when you are out on the road, check surveillance footage from your smartphone or mobile devices.

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Technical Details

Model HT-IP008HDP



1. Could not get any Wi-Fi SSID from the software?
If you could not search any Wi-Fi signal through the software IPCamClient or MyCam Pro, please try to set up the wireless connection from the web setting page.
For the wireless connection, you are suggested to download IPCSearch for your Windows PC and then open the camera via the browser. PC Search
Then you will be able to search the Wi-Fi SSID from setting page like the attached picture.

If there is still no Wi-Fi SSID searched, please double check whether the Wi-Fi antenna is connected well and the camera should be near the router.
By the way, please make sure the camera's IP address is fixed like the attached picture and the DNS setting could be same as it.

You can reset the camera to factory setting from the web setting page or manually like the below if it still does not work. Thanks.
Please find a pin and press the reset button for about 1 minute until the camera's head rotate and make sure the power adapter is connected well during resetting.


2. Could not access Wi-Fi after filling in the Wi-Fi password and unplug the network cable?
First, please make sure that there is no special character from the Wi-Fi SSID and password.
Then Second, please open your router's webpage and make sure the Mac filter is disabled. And then please try to adjust the Wi-Fi encryption to WEP or WPA2.

By the way, please make sure the Auth Mode is the same with your router's Wi-Fi encryption.


1. How to set the email alarm setting?
To set up the motion detection alarm, please open the camera from the browser via IPCSearch. Then you will find the email alarm setting from the below page. Please double confirm your own email's server name and port.

And please also fix the IP address like the below.

If you still could not test it successfully, please change the email to have a try.
If it still does not work, please clear your IE browser data and reset the IE browser to have a try from the below path.
Tools- Internet Option - Advanced - Reset IE browser
Tools- Internet Option - General - Clear Browser Data

Once the email alarm setting is successful, you will be able to turn on/off the alarm option from P2P mobile APP.

Note: Please pick the popular email such as gmail or yahoo since they have more powerful email server.

2. Could not receive any alarm email even though the email test is successful?

Please click Clear All button on the motion detect screen, along with Apply and then reboot the camera.
Then clicke Select All, Apply from the below screen, and also set the sensitivity to Very High. check Please check whether there is alarm picture from your email box.

If it still does not work, please clear your IE browser data and reset the IE browser to have a try from the below path.
Tools- Internet Option - Advanced - Reset IE browser
Tools- Internet Option - General - Clear Browser Data


How to set up the remote view for the camera?
Since the camera support P2P, you do not need to set up the DDNS connection and port forwarding like the MJPEG camera. You will be able to view the camera through the P2P Software such as IPCamClient from Windows PC and MyCam Pro

Could view the camera at home and could not make it work when you are away from home?

If you are able to get the camera's image through the P2P software or web setting page and could not get it work remotely, please check the below procedure.

First, please make sure the camera's IP address is Dynamic IP address and not fixed one. And then please set the DNS to like the below picture.
Second, please disable P2P and then enable it after a while to have a try.



For the mobile APP, you could search and download MyCam Pro or P2PCamLive from Google Play or Apple Store.
And you could also scan the QR code from the below page to download MyCam Pro.

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)
Your modern must also support WPS function or this setup will not work. If you modem does not support WPS function, please skip this part and go to “Regular Wireless Connection”.
1.    Connect the power cable and wait for the camera to initialize.
2.    Bring the camera close to the router to avoid interference during setup
3.    Press the WPS button on the router, the WPS indicator will start blinking
4.    Press and hold the WPS button on the IP camera for 3 seconds
5.    The two devices will start connecting. Once connected, the WPS indicator on the router will stop blinking and turn solid.
6.    Now your router is successfully connected with the camera.

AP Mode
For AP mode, the camera sets up its own Wi-Fi network to let other devices connect and
gain access. It is very convenient if you do not have access to a PC.
1. From your smartphone or other devices, go to App Store or Google Play to download
MyCam Pro APP.
2. Turn on the IP Camera.
3. Press and hold the WPS button (located at the back of camera) for 10 seconds, and
then release.
4. The camera will generate its own Wi-Fi network.
5. From your device, search and connect to the new Wi-Fi network generated by the IP
6. Once you have successfully connected to the new Wi-Fi network, open HooToo
MyCam Pro from your device to view the camera's image.


How to set the recording path for your camera?

To make the recording from the camera, please fix the recording path in advance from IE brwoser after you open the camera via IPCSearch.

If the recording path could not be saved, please clear your IE browser data and reset the IE browser to have a try from the below path.
Tools- Internet Option - Advanced - Reset IE browser
Tools- Internet Option - General - Clear Browser Data

By the way, please also make sure that you signed in IE as administrator like the below.


To reset the camera to factory setting manually, please find a pin and press the reset button for about 1 minute until the camera's head rotate and make sure the power adapter is connected well during resetting.

If you intend to reset the camera to factory setting through the web setting page, please check the below picture.

Please pick the Brandcast Mode and Fixed IP Address from IPCSearch like the below.


What you can do if camera could not be searched from all the software after you connect it to router via network cable?

Please check the status of the ethernet indicator LED and inform us whether one of them is blinking and the other one is solid. If not,  please inform us whether the camera rorate and find another 5V 2A power adapter to test whether it is the power issue.

And please take the camera to other network to set up since it might not be compatible with your own network.
Please reset the camera to factory setting if it still does not work.


The RTSP stream link is like //
Please replace with your own camera's IP address.
And then try this link from the VLC player to have a try. Thanks.

If the time shows on the camera is not correct, please pick the Manual Mode and then change the Date and Time manually.
Please also make sure you have picked the correct Time Zone.

If it still does not work, please clear the browser data to have a try. Thanks.

There are two kinds of password for the camera. One is for webpage signin and will be required after you open the camera via IPCSearch. And you could change the password for through the below page.

The other one is used for the P2P software and required when you try to sign in P2P software such as IPCamClient and MyCam Pro.And you could change this password from the below page.



I am confuse about all the reviews, Is this a real security wireless camera?
A: The IP008 is wireless. Most if not all reviews are for the dummy camera.



Does this offer recording build in or just the camera itself?
A: No. There is no place for any memory card or internal memory. You need to use software to record.



Does this work over wifi?
A: Absolutely. You configure it for wired first (use Ethernet to router as s direct connect) then configure as wifi then remove cable. I've unplugged and moved it multiple times around the house. Connected to wifi every time without fail. So far so good. Ordered a second one.



I need an extra extention cord for the cam to power supply. Where can I get one? Thanks
A: I just went to the hardware store and bought a heavy duty power cord. My cameras are about 35ft in the air on a tower I bought a 50ft power cord and my cameras work fine



Will this work with linux browsers or does it require plugins or applications?
A: I run ZoneMinder and Linux Mint 17.2. I'm looking for the Control Script and I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone out there that have it? The PTZ works great with Mint 17.2 and ZoneMinder, but no movement.



Does the HT-IP008HDP camera have audio / speaker capabilities, so you can listen and/or speak to someone while away from home?
A: I haven't reviewed that model but based on the given specs you can't talk to the person.



Can this camera be used in conjunction with a Honeywell L7000 unit (show video, zoom)
A: Don't know about this model but ours never worked. The company is non responsive. We bought a better one at best buy for $40 less and it really works. I would recommend you by from a different vendor! We did not get a refund or any response.



Anyone find a detailed manual explaining the numerous settings under the parameters section? In particular the "Motion Detect" section.
A: it covers how to create the hot spots and set sensitivity here -- I'm not sure if you're looking for more detail -- I use this camera with BlueIris so that software handles all my motion detection and alerting.