HT-CT01 7.8A 4 Ports Charging Station w/ Smart USB ports and OTG function

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  • 2 x Smart Charging Ports (Max 2.4A): automatically match device input current to maximize charging speed, compatible with ALL USB-charged devices (except Asus Transformer and iPod), provide 1A for iPhone, 2A for Galaxy, Note, Nexus etc. and up to 2.4 A for iPad

  • 2 x Universal Charging Ports for Phones (Max 1.5A): 1 x iPhone charging port, 1 x Android charging port. The iPhone port is designed for iPhone but not limited to iPhone as well as the Android port

  • 1 x OTG Port: allows instant read/write/view access to any USB storage from Android devices. (Need to use provided OTG cable for OTG, provided cable is only an OTG cable and it could not be used to charge your devices, please use your own cable to charge your devices.) OTG function only supports some Android devices and do NOT support Apple, please check compatible devices below in description part.

  • Safety Features: over-charge protection, surge protection and short circuit protection. 12-Month HooToo warranty and 24h*7 email support

  • AC 100 - 240V input voltage and portable palm size (4.3"*3"*1.3") make it ideal for international travel. Package includes: 1*charging station; 1*detachable power cord; 1*OTG cable for Android; 1*User Guide

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    Technical Details

    Model HT-CT01
    Size 4.3 x 3.1 x 1.3 inches
    Weight 6.7 oz
    Color Black
    Port Type 4 charging port + OTG ports
    Output 2 smart charging port(Max 2.4A)+2charging port(Max 1.5A))



    No, the charging ports are customized as max 2.4A and 1.5A to supply maximum charge outputs and charge speeds. It doesn’t mean that they will output 2.4A or 1.5A all the time, instead, they will only supply the maximum charge current allowed by your device. You may still use either port to charge your device as long as your device’s input current falls within the accepted range.

    Please refer to your device’s user manual, original OEM charging adapter, or contact the manufacturer to determine this information.

    A. Check to ensure that your device is USB-powered with an input current between 0 and 8A and a voltage input of 5V. B. Check to ensure that the power cord is connected to an active wall outlet and also firmly connected to the HooToo 4-port Charging Station.

    You can charge your smart phones and tablets through the Smart ports. The iPhone port is designed for iPhone but not limited to iPhone as well as the Android port.



    What is the range of input voltage? 110 - 220? (I'm not from USA)
    A: Input in the specifications page of the manual list AC 100-240v 50-60Hz



    Does this device get really hot when in use? Would it be dangerous to keep this plugged in overnight?
    A: I just touched our HooToo and it is cold. It has been plugged in since we got it about 5 days ago. We love it! Two tablets, an Iphone5 and my Htc charge at once. Very pleased with our purchase.



    Does this charge my device (HP Stream 7) at the same time while I use the OTG port to connect to other usb devices?
    A: I'm pretty sure it would but I didn't have an android device to test it



    how many mAh is it?
    A: Dear Alex, There are 4 charging ports for this charging station. Total output is 7.8A. Two smart charging ports utilized powerIQ can reach up to 2.4A per port. Two universal ports can reach up to 1.5A per port. So this unit can match and charge most tablets and phones in the market.